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Do you believe in luck?



the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’slife, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities.
I think we all make our own luck. Things like karma can play into it as well but over all life is about perception. A person with a good attitude will always see the bright side and build towards it while a depressed person may decide to only see things in a grey light and bring a negative spin to everything.
I believe that good things happen to good people which i consider myself to be so i would say i think of myself as a lucky person.
I am irish after all.
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What wouldnt you tell your best friend?

I think before you answer this you have to first determine what establishes a best friend?

Is it the person you’ve known the longest? Your Favorite?

To me your best friend can be anyone, a person you have known for a week or a person youve known for a lifetime. As long as the bond is their. Typically that means the latter.

In theory for most people a best friend is someone you should be able to tell anything to. Think about you life and its hidden details what are the things you cant tell people. I have them and so do you. Do go out and expose yourself to the world but instead find out why you cant and work on those issues instead. You’ll open up more to people while still protecting yourself. That in itself will create the strong bond that is needed to strengthen and build those irreplaceable friends.

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Real Intro.

Youll have to bare with me while i learn the art of using and posting a blog via wordpress.

Ive used just about every blog platform on the web so ill just have to get used to how this site does things.

I was personally drawn to it because its a bit more pro where as a site like Tumblr is more “fun.”

So this entry is just a bit of everything. A test, an into, and an outline.

An outline of what i hope to bring readers via my blog.

Originally i set this up to be an online music magazine with things like interviews. I hope to still do that as well as use it as a source for some creative writing and a personal journal.

Feel free to follow me on social media as i always seem to have something to say.

Sorry in advance if  i offend anyone. Ive done it before but i dont do it on purpose.


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Alyssa Cox on Capital Public Radio

On Tuesday April the 12th from 10 to 11am Alyssa Cox of Alyssa Cox & The Flatland band, will be doing an interview with Jeffery Callison on his show “Insights.”

Alyssa will be discussing her Ep Low Moon, her new full band, upcoming shows, and more.

Listeners can tune in to the following stations to take a listen:

90.9 FM KXJZ Sacramento; 90.5 FM KKTO Tahoe City/Reno; 91.3 FM KUOP Stockton/Modesto; 88.1 FM KQNC Quincy





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Cheap Thrills going Away Party.

Cheap Thrills, a Sacramento company known for their costume rentals and sales in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, sadly closed the doors on the beloved company.

Prior to the final day of operation myself and a group of about 150 Sacramentens were lucky enough to be invited to a going away party featuring live music and drinks for all.

It was your typical punk show house party type vibe. Which if done right and in this case it was. Is a very amazing powerful thing. I watched from a corner of a very crowded room as former and present staff members laughed and even shed a tear for the memory’s of years gone by.

It was a powerful thing to see. We could all only be lucky enough to hopefully find ourselves in a job with an atmosphere like that.

Before they could close the doors on the shop the 1st band was ready to blow them right of their hinges. The Dead Flamingos. Dead Flamingos were a band i’ve heard of before but never had the chance to see them live. So this was my first experience. Even with the sub par sound (it was a house party) i was impressed. It was a very fun thing to be a part of. You can go to a million shows and see bands of many genres and skill levels but every once and a while you happen upon something truly amazing. Something more than a show.

An Experience!

That’s just what this band was for me on this night. Maybe it was the special circumstances surrounding the night but i was happy to be a part of it.

As of this writing im sad to say i hear that the band has broken up. This as far as i know is only a rumor and hopefully one that is wrong.

Id love to interview the group and even see them live again someday.

Also i hear the legacy of Cheap Thrills will continue on in some form at the old Bows & Arrows location on L st.

Live, Love, Local