Posted by: Fun with Flanagan | September 28, 2011

Real Intro.

Youll have to bare with me while i learn the art of using and posting a blog via wordpress.

Ive used just about every blog platform on the web so ill just have to get used to how this site does things.

I was personally drawn to it because its a bit more pro where as a site like Tumblr is more “fun.”

So this entry is just a bit of everything. A test, an into, and an outline.

An outline of what i hope to bring readers via my blog.

Originally i set this up to be an online music magazine with things like interviews. I hope to still do that as well as use it as a source for some creative writing and a personal journal.

Feel free to follow me on social media as i always seem to have something to say.

Sorry in advance if  i offend anyone. Ive done it before but i dont do it on purpose.



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